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At Whizminds Innologix we bring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as our pinpoints with delivering personal insights to drive innovation.


We have upgraded our resources pool by adopting AI & ML to provide Next-Gen Solutions.


We bring a strong reputation that fulfills the specific requirement of our clients and fuel the AI and ML initiatives.


Over 7+ years of experience in working as a global firm we provide large datasets and high training data to our clients.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.

With a team of expert AI engineers, strong analysts, and exceptional project managers, we can successfully transform your business and help pit reach its full potential

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Why Choose Our Services?

We work with commitment and on-time delivery. With us, you can leverage the following benefits

AI applications have been redefining the way businesses operate and at Mind IT Systems, we leverage high-end AI development processes to deliver cutting-edge services & solutions.

We work with commitment and on-time delivery. With us, you can leverage the following benefits

  • Proficient and skilled developers. Dedicated team for each project.
  • 100% transparency in the entire development cycle with project management tools.
  • Get agile, scalable, and custom services.
    Rapid Delivery.
  • Deliver quality solutions to achieve consistent and expected results.
  • Developed small as well as enterprise solutions for enterprises and startups.
  • We offer superior quality AI applications with rights reserved for the clients.
  • Tailor-made engagement models to meet the client requirements.
  • Provide all necessary support to ensure desired result & client satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the crucial game-changers in business. AI- grounded platforms are automating entire deal processes. AI is able to transubstantiate our lives and can make a better future. Our services of AI & ML can help you achieve high-end capabilities that enable erecting of scalable and costeffective results. We work and combine speech recognition, natural language understanding( NLU), visual hunt and image recognition, textbook-to-speech ( TTS), and machine literacy( ML) technologies to make coming-word results.


Avada is the perfect choice for your business software needs.

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Benefits of AI & Machine Learning

Business Acceleration:
Automate AI processes and faster workflows to help cut costs and boost sales.

Discover hidden opportunities by understanding data patterns.

Make Informed Decision:
Use advanced AI algorithms to improve decision-making.

Improved Customer Experience:
Personalized shopping suggestions, automated customer support, and real-time assistance help improve customer satisfaction.

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Our Core Service Includes Web designing and development Mobile Application Development, SCADA, M2M, IoT Platform Development.