Established in 2015, our vision has been to provide best Web / Mobile App development services. Founded by inspired entrepreneurs, Whizminds Innologix Pvt. Ltd. has evolved into a team of dedicated technology specialists with state-of-the-art development center located in Indore India.

We at Whizminds Innologix always aims for excellent services and deliver High-value Propositions to our customers, employees and associates. Whizminds Innologix is one of the fast growing IT company in India.
The Company Has Achieved best practices in the field of web and mobile applications development. Our Core Service Includes Web designing and development Mobile Application Development, SCADA, M2M, IoT Platform Development. We Have provided a range of solutions for many industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, Finance, Education Etc.
Whizminds Innlogix Private Limited have a team of young, dynamic and talented Professionals providing best services in the field of Mobile applications, website development in all popular Development Platforms.

We offer solutions over a wide range of technical areas including solution Architecture, creative designing, product development and web / mobile application development. Our expertise in various domains has enabled us to serve many industry verticals – Manufacturing, Health Care, Energy, Hospitality, Finance, Education Etc.
At Whizminds, we constantly work towards a single goal – reducing the cost of ownership of quality Solution, which clients can manage comfortably. Our solutions are the best mix of business requirement and technical finesse which is reliable and scalable.
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Our Development Process

Engagement Model
Every client has a different engagement model to deal with their software development procedure. We offer various engagement models to choose from, to accelerate client’s software development lifecycle, but also contribute to the net profit of their organization considerably.
we believe in continuous communication with our clients whether it is about the requirements or deciding on the appropriate engagement model for development. Following are a few models that we offer for our clients to select from, and discuss them in details.

Fixed Bid Model
This model is the Suitable for the clients who come with a fixed set of development requirements. The client gives requirement document and we Propose a price for it. After the consent on the timeline for each phase of the development we set milestones and payment terms then we start with our development process. This model won’t allow smooth integration of any additions or future changes in the defined requirement.

Hourly Model
If Client has flexible and changing requirements, then this is the best model. It is suitable for the clients who have varied requirements, which they want us to work based on the priority of it. However, the set of requirements may change, modify, or be discarded along with the expansion of the project. We work on this model based on the requirements of the client and bill them for the hours spent on the project.

Offshore Development Centre Model
In this model, the client hires dedicated resource from our development center or a team of experts in various technologies. Each team has a hierarchy of responsibilities and tasks. Every team has a Team leader and Project Manager. They constantly work with the client to keep the development process smooth.
Whether client’s requirement is of application development or minor changes, we are always available to serve our clients with the best offshore engagement model to make it worth client’s investment.

Since inception, Whizminds Innologix Pvt. Ltd. has helped businesses become successful with their online Presence. We use our knowledge and expertise to help companies take their business to the next level.

Our all round customer-centric process ensures the development process goes as per the requirement of the customer. We employ stringent quality control measures throughout the process and communicate with our clients on a regular basis about the current status of their project.

We have Young and talented team of designers and developers. They have years of experience creating web / Mobile Apps Development that are visually appealing, SEO optimized, clean, well-documented, W3C compliant code.

Whizminds Innologix Pvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) that Offers outsourced web & mobile Application development service to its clients worldwide. We are a software development services provider, providing best in class web and mobile Apps solutions for Modern enterprises.

Being one of the Fast Growing web / mobile application development company, Whizminds offers services in the Latest technologies in Mobile, Social Media, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, IoT, SCADA, M2M Field.

We have a young team of dynamic Professionals to support the ever changing needs of our esteemed clients. At Whizminds, we believe in challenging ourselves to the new limits and remain on the with innovative Solutions in the world of Information Technology.

We became one of the leading software development firms in a short span of 8 years. we feel pride for gaining recognition as one the best mobile and web application development companies by our Esteemed clients.


In fast-paced world business conditions change every day. to keep aligned with emerging trends and ever-changing customer needs companies to struggle in choosing the right engagement model. we expand our engagement models to suit your requirement.

Time & Material

Time and Material is an engagement model where the project budget is related to the resources and time used for project execution. In this case, you are billed for actual working hours, based on negotiated hourly, daily, or weekly rates.

Dynamic Project

  • Fast Setup for growing Projects.
  •  full control over Scope of work.
  • Flexible duration, resources, timeline.
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Fixed Price

If you have a well-thought plan, and a pre-set then fixed price model is a good fit for short-term small- and medium-sized projects, because it doesn’t require any client involvement. It requires complete Project details and agreed milestones.

Short Term Projects

  • Modest budget
  • Short-term project
  • Strict scope schedule
  • Minor changes possible
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Dedicated Team

Dedicated team is an engagement model which is suitable for long-term projects. It doesn’t require strict planning. It allows you to shift the requirements, budget, duration, resources, and team size of the project at any given time.

Long Term Projects

  • Direct management
  • Any project length
  • Full-time engagement
  • Well-estimated projects
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We are a well-established mobile and web app development company in India. we worked with businesses whether it can be a start-up or enterprise. We deliver the best solutions to our clients. At Whizminds, we offer a wide range of Mobile and Web app development services based on the Client’s requirements.




If you like challenges, growth, independence at work, problem-solving, and feeling proud about where you work and what you do, we’d love to have you on our team.
Whizminds Innologix Pvt. Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. Professionals seeking employment are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical disability, veteran status or any other protected status.


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